Thursday, 25 August 2011


i will be taking with me a small pig, who will travel in the back wheel (unless he would rather be at the front, or in the handlebar bag if he gets travel sick from spinning around). ultrapig has previously cycled across mexico, and from land's end to john o'groats. he is a little big grubby, but he is a pig after all so don't hold it against him, and he has travelled far. he is getting pretty excited, and brushing up on his french at the moment.

that's the face of an excited pig if ever i saw one.

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  1. Hope ultrapig survives. Mine is trapped in a halfords van somewhere (presumably)in the UK - this is not certain. Pig is circa 3 years old, has oink oink oink written on the side in blue ballpoint pen. If you have spotten him (assumed him, never checked/tested) please inform me. Identikit to follow xx