Monday, 12 September 2011

phileas fogg

so you can have a less one-sided view of the coming trip, there is a link to james's blog below. here are some facts about james:

  • he is coming with me on the bike ride to spain
  • it was his idea in the first place (as he pointed out on a previous blog post comment)
  • he used to work for shell 
  • i met him in taunton
  • he once cycled from vancouver to l.a. (thus has more cycle touring experience than me, so he can wear the yellow jersey for this trip. and maybe the king of the mountains but we'll see about that)
  • his name is james but some people call him wez or wezo. i don't know why. i don't think he knows why either. i call him james at the moment. 

more facts to follow as i learn more about him on the way. ha ha.

here is his blog:


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