Wednesday, 7 September 2011

technical update

today i went to LIDL. it is selling bike things at the moment, which is pretty exciting. i googled it and there was some pretty positive cycling-chat-room-LIDL-related chat so i figured it was a safe bet. here's what i got:

a little saddlebag, that turns into a little rucksack - amazing - can carry my baguettes and wine to the beach in that: £4.99
(i can't actually fit it behind my saddle due to my tent being there. but it will still come with me as i reckon it'll be really useful).
some spoke reflectors, never knew they existed, but how exciting: £4.99
nearly also bought some bungee rope: £4.99 for 9, and a foot pump: £6.99
2 bags of sugar: £1.64 (not for cycling, for helie who is making some damson jam) (could be seen to be part of the trip though as i'm sure to consume some before i go and that will add to my body mass).

if this was a visa advert, i'd now go all soft focus and say:
my happiness from my anticipated excitement of all my future cycling trips: priceless
except it's not a visa advert, so it's not priceless, it's £9.98 (or £11.62 including sugar).
i then went to the bike shop to buy a few more bits that you can't get at LIDL. including, a handlebar extension piece, and a wing mirror. 

i will put a photo of the bike soon in its new outfit, complete with ultrapig if i can find him, he ate too many croissants in preparation for the trip and might have had to go to hospital to have his stomach pumped.  

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